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Enjoy the Ultimate Motocross Racing Adventure  for th 30+ thru 90+ Racers


Bringing Old school Long Motos to the 30+ Racers

Las Vegas Oldtimers is a local motocross club in. We are a group of people with the same passion for motocross racing. And the ultimate goal is for us to be together to ride and have fun.


About Us

We're racing club under the Oldtimers MX organization running as part of the Int'l Vet MX Series. It is a North American motocross racing organization for riders 30 years of age and up. We love to Race the best tracks in the Western United States and Canada and have done so for now 50 Years!

Why Join Us

Make every weekend a day for family and friends as you explore different tracks together. Expand your network by joining both local and international racing events with your racing buddies.

Local races are formatted for 15-22 minutes 5 motos per event. It is an opportunity for our racers to maximize time on the track while minimizing costs.


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